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Lead Generation Companies | 10 Social Networking Blunders

Instead of using lead generation companies , social media is a great tool to generate your own leads. This article covers some major social media blunders you may want to avoid when using social media as a lead generation channel.


10 Social Networking Blunders

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Social networking sites are here to stay. They are among the most popular destinations on the web. And even though they can be extremely annoying at times, there is one inescapable fact: there is a 100 million-strong army of people who use the most popular of these sites.

However, sitting in your room in front of your laptop, being connected to so many people, it's easy to forget that whatever you say is out there, and will stay out there to be read by people, for a long time. Think about it.

When did you last see someone posting an embarrassing picture, or someone else saying something irritating in their status update? It could be you, the next time. Don't become that person...

1.Add old friends and then forget about them

This is the biggest social networking crime of them all. How many times has it happened? You haven't seen someone for 20 years; you vaguely recognise their name but not their face. They add you as a friend and then after you accept them, you never hear from them again. If this was how you were going to treat them, why bother in the first place?

2.Adding people you don't even know

If you're a woman, and just maybe you have the kind of looks and bikini bod that could cut it on Miami's South Beach, you're probably used to the term ‘creep'... And meeting them online. Okay, maybe not everyone has a figure like that. Adding strangers is like that annoying chap at a party who slaps everyone on the back as if they were old pals, when in actual fact he has no friends, largely because of this habit.

3.Update your status when you're on sick leave

How many times have we seen it? Someone calls in sick in the morning and then updates their status minute-by-minute, documenting a day of ice cream, pizza and video games. Get dressed and get to work you lazy hoodwink, or else you'll probably be fired. And it'll be your own fault for adding your boss to be your friend.

4.Write on a wall instead of communicating privately

The driving force behind the success of the most successful social networking site out there is... vanity. People love the idea that others are watching what they're doing. Tell me this: for what reason would you invite someone to a private party by writing on their wall, other than to show off to all the people on their friends list who you don't want to come? It just makes you look like an ass, so don't do it.


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